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Water Intake Before, During and After the Workout

  • Water Intake Before, During and After the Workout

Water is an essential liquid for the humanity. That’s not a secret that the human’s body contains about 70-80 % of the water inside. And if you are into sports a relevant question should have come to your mind: it okay that I drink while the hard training or does it worth to postpone the water intake period?

There is a quite diverse opinion on this account. Keep reading to find out our reflections about this frequently asked question.

Benefits and peril of sweating

It is established that a certain person perspires even in a state of rest. But that is not as visible as while active movement. The reason is that the minimum amount of sweat is emitted and it manages to evaporate faster than a person has time to notice. Scientists have calculated that in 24 hours a person’s body emits up about a liter of sweat.

Moreover, sweat removes excess salt from the body and metabolic products, as well. Although the obviation of salts has positive consequences, do not forget about the negative impact. Sweat is allocated due to the release of salts and water from the blood plasma. Therefore, there might dehydration due to profuse sweating.

The body's temperature rises while active physical activity. The blood begins to thicken, and it becomes difficult for your heart to pass the blood through itself and distribute it throughout the body. As a result, the heart receives a double load due to dehydration of the body.

Deferment or decline of the water intake inhibits fat burning. There is no way to carry oxygen to the cells in case the blood is too thick, which means that subcutaneous fat does not oxidize. The only case the fat deposits are reduced efficiently is the sufficient oxygen amount delivered in the fat cells.

Water intake volumes

It is vital to drink water constantly. Water helps to restore the body after physical exertion, raises the assimilation of proteins, the saturation of muscle cells with amino acids. The body poorly digests the protein while dehydration. Therefore, if your main aim is the muscle building, you should know that this process will be extremely slow without the ample water intake.

You must calculate the water volume needed basing on your own parameters. The average amount consumed by a person per day should be about 1,5 - 2 liters daily.

However, the cutting cycle in bodybuilding implies a reduction in the volume of water consumption. Sportsmen try to reduce the amount of fluid in the body so that the muscles are drawn more strongly. In this case, bodybuilders often resort to the help of anabolic steroids for a more effective removal of excess liquids from the body. You can buy anabolic steroids such as Clenachem (Clenbuterol), Testachem P (Testosterone Propionate) Stanachem (Stanozolol), Primachem (Methenolone Enanthate) and cutting other pharma-grade steroids on

How to drink water?

Tip #1. You can not drink cold water during a training session as there is a risk of getting sick. You can catch a cold easily due to the large temperature difference.

Tip #2. You should drink water quite often in small sips.

Tip #3. Replenish the water balance after each set of exercises in order to avoid dehydration effect.

Tip #4. The fact that water intake is an essential part of the training, does not mean that you can drink it in unlimited quantities. In total, 2 liters per day is quite enough.

Tip #5. You can also drink special cocktails instead of the usual mineral water. Better get the coach's consultation before you start consuming them.

Do not forget about the water! Water balance should be always monitored and constantly regulated depending on your goals and parameters. 

Remember, that this is just our point of view and if you disagree with our opinion, it's okay. Make your workout process comfortable for yourself!

AchemGear team is always here to support you in some essential questions. Good luck in your future achievements!

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