AchemGEAR store accepts 3 ways of payment


2 easy steps to setup BITCOIN!

Bitcoin is an innovative digital payment method that was created in 2009 by an unknown person using name Satoshi Nakamoto. The idea of that new currency is to implement digital payments between people without any middle financial institutions. There are no transaction fees and it is not necessary to provide your personal information. With Bitcoins it is easy and cheap to buy merchandise anonymously as it’s not tied to any country or subject and there are no credit card fees. You can easy buy steroids online with Bitcoin here.

Bitcoins are very easy to set up!

People can send them to each other as personal money transfer via mobile apps or computers. Being a decentralized currency, Bitcoins cannot be controlled, freeze or taken away by anyone but you, unless you lose it yourself. The system allows you to hold multiple addresses, private and corresponding keys. Bitcoins can be bought on several marketplaces, bitcoin exchanges, where you can buy or sell them using different currencies.

Get a Bitcoin Wallet!

1. To set up them, first of all you need a Bitcoin Wallet, which you can download, install or buy. There are several types of wallets: Online Bitcoin Wallet, Hardware Wallet, Software Wallet. You can do a research work over internet and choose any convenient for you.

Or just choose it from our list:


Purchase Bitcoins!

2. Your second step, obviously, is purchasing Bitcoins. As we mentioned earlier, you need to find and choose a marketplace: Bitcoin Exchange, Bitcoin ATM, Cash exchanges, PayPal or Bank transfer exchanges. It is necessary to remember that every option may have its own fees or buying limits. Also the best exchange option depends on your location.

So, same here, we recommend to do your own research work or just choose something from our list:


AchemGEAR is very loyal with Bitcoins. After purchasing them, respectively you can use your wallet proceeding Checkout. Buy steroids online with Bitcoin on

4 steps to pay with Western Union and Money Gram

Both services are number one and two in the international money transfer business. Western Union is a leader in this case, as it was established first and has much more representative offices around the world. Money Gram is considered as new player on the market, as it appeared later. But if to compare them, you may notice only the difference in charge fees that they do, and the cost of the transfer depends on how the money is sent and received. 

Both methods are convenient for us!

Both services let you send money online and in person and make funds available to collect from an agent in minutes once a payment has been made. Electronic transfers allow money to be sent directly to a bank account as well. Buy steroids online using Western Union and Money Gram. 

1.  Visit or contact representative office of Western Union/Money Gram. Western Union Locations   Money Gram Locations    

2.  Get in touch with the operator and tell where and how much money you want to send. Be careful, double check all information.    

3.  Provide an identity document and transfer the amount with the transfer fee Check Western Union Fee   Check Money Gram Fee    

4.  Get your copy of the receipt with a MTCN or Reference number (money transfer control number).

Please note: The money transfer service is provided only to individuals. 

Additional information

Compared with Bitcoin, payments done with cash considered more complicated. As in the bank or any other financial institution you will have to provide your ID and the name of the person, who will receive the money.

We accept payments only in USD, choosing Western Union or Money Gram, you have a week to make money transfer to a person (proceeding the checkout and choosing payment method you will receive the name of the person which you can use for the transfer).

As soon as you have received your MTCN (money control number) please introduce it in your ordered history. Our team will check it and you will receive a confirmation via email, that the payment is received and your order is preparing for shipment.