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AchemGear products

  • AchemGear products

AchemGEAR is an official distributor and online shop of innovative pharmaceutical company Achem Pharmaceuticals, which produces drugs in compliance with GMP and GLP standards.

Achem Pharmaceuticals have a wide portfolio of products, which are available for sale in more than 20 countries worldwide and represent the original high-quality drugs produced on our own design.

The company successfully cooperates with medical and medical-prophylactic institutions, practical doctors, pharmacists and athletes.

Actively supports the holding of scientific and practical conferences and seminars that facilitate the exchange of experience, as well as educational programs to improve the skills of medical staff.

All Achem Pharmaceuticals production facilities have been tested and certified in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)  standards.

Avaliable test reports by Simec Analytics (GMP) for:

Achemabol 10 mg
Primachem 100 mg/mL
Testachem ะก 200 mg/mL 
Testachem E 250 mg/mL


Avaliable test reports by Janoshik Analytical (GLP) can be checked here:

Clenachem 40 mcg 

Boldenachem 200 mg/mL 

Testachem P 100 mg/mL 

Sustachem 250 mg/mL


The quality of Achem Pharmaceuticals products is laid at the development stage, preclinical and clinical trials, is created during the production phase, is monitored at all stages of the manufacturing process, including analysis of raw and packaging materials from approved suppliers, interoperable analysis of intermediate products, final product analysis, storage, transportation and distribution, is assessed through audits and self-inspections.

Our main goal: to support athletes and bodybuilders around the world.
Our main strategy: to provide our customers the highest quality products. Which will help you to set goals for any complexity and surely to achieve them. 
We are sure: nobody is born as a winner, but everybody can become a winner.

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