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Gym Workout for Women to Get Cut

  • Gym Workout for Women to Get Cut

The fat burning process inside the woman's organism flows otherwise compared to the men's cutting. The thing is that fat deposits are accumulated a lot easier in the women's bodies.

However, that doesn't mean that girls are not able to get a shredded body. And actually, there are no secrets you should reveal in order to become toned. Everything is extremely simple - you need a particularly selected dieting plan and an appropriate gym workout routine.

You can find an example of the training for women during the cutting cycle further. 

Female gym workout to get shredded

Somebody loves jogging, others weight training. And it's okay. We all prefer diverse things. However, if you are not really keen on certain loads (aerobic or anaerobic) you should get used to them, too. That's because an ideal cutting exercise program includes both and cardio and weightlifting session.

Your gym workout should include all the points mentioned further.

  • Insert in your program the warm-up and the cooldown in order to warm up and calm down your muscles.
  • Your training should last about 60 min.
  • Water intake is obligatory during the intensive training so that you can avoid dehydration effect.
  • You have to combine both cardio loads and lifting the weights.
  • Trainings must proceed no more than 3-4 times a week in order to give your organism time to rest.

Base your gym workout on these principles:

  • 3-5 sets for each exercise
  • 15-20 reps in one set
  • not more than 6 exercises should be implemented during 1 workout session if you haven't got used to the loads
  • rest between the sets should last about 60-90 seconds (if you are a newbie it is recommended to start from the 60-second rest and decrease it gradually).

Workout routine for women

Day Muscle group Exercises
MONDAY Legs + Buttocks
  • Squats
  • Romanian deadlift
  • Leg press
  • Barbell hip thrusts
  • Cable hip abduction
  • Dumbbell deadlifts
TUESDAY - recovery day
WEDNESDAY Chest + Back + Abs
  • Wide-grip lat pulldowns
  • Barbell Pullovers
  • Ab Crunch Machine
  • Dumbbell weighted leg pull-ins
  • Back extensions
  • Barbell deadlifts
THURSDAY - recovery day
FRIDAY Arms + Shoulders
  • Cable upright rows
  • Dumbbell bent over lateral raises
  • Barbell drag bicep curls
  • Machine seated tricep dips
  • Behind-the-back standing bicep curls
  • Barbell deadlifts
SATURDAY and SUNDAY - recovery days

Here is just an example of how an average gym workout for women should be like. You can freely replace the exercises, mix them up or simply exclude some of them according to your preferences. The main thing is that selected exercises should correspond to the muscle groups that you've chosen to train a certain day.  

Do you really need steroids?

There is an opinion that steroids a really damaging for your health. However, it's only partly true. Why? The thing is that sides effects usually appear when an athlete oversteps the recommended dosage. It doesn't mean that you can precisely avoid the negative impact of the drugs respecting the norms of its intake. We are all different.

That is why you can never know how your organism reacts to a certain preparation. Consequently, the disadvantages of the anabolic steroids are certainly exaggerated as Mass media habitually claim that they are injurious from any side.

We advise you to form your own attitude toward such preparation and take decisions by yourself. Read, listen, scrupulously investigate all the benefits and disadvantages. 

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