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Bulking Diet for Women to Gain the Muscles

  • Bulking Diet for Women to Gain the Muscles

Nutrition for the muscle building, especially the regime and the bulking foods, are quite similar to the meal plan designed for men. However, there are many nuances that female bodybuilders need to take into account in order to achieve tangible results. In this article, we are going to reveal some "secrets" about the bulking diet, tips for improving physique and the products that need to include in your meal plan.  

Bulking diet basis

The primary essence when increasing the musculature is the perfect balance between fats, proteins and carbohydrates for both men and women. Just do not forget about the correctly calculated number of daily calorie rate (read about it in details here).

The problem is that it is more complicated for women to build up quality muscle mass than for men because of the small amount of testosterone in the female body (15-70 ng/dL, whereas man's body contains 270 - 1,070 ng/dL). Moreover, the fat accumulation in a female body is proceeded at times faster due to a slower metabolism. However, the process of maintaining muscle mass is inseparable from the accumulation of fat deposits. No matter how cruel this world is, there is a way out - the first step is to choose a bulking diet for your personal parameters.  

Calories and nutrients for muscle growth

Let's begin with the nutrition theory. In order to start the process of muscle building, you will need:

  • energy (carbohydrates)
  • building material (protein).

There is s statement that you should clearly understand. If you desire to gain the muscle hypertrophy there must be an excess of calories in your diet. But if you want to get rid of the of subcutaneous fat - there must be a deficit of calories. As your big aim is to enhance the muscle growth, you need to build your diet in such a way that the number of calories received exceeds the spent ones. And this does not mean that you can eat everything in excess. The point is to consume only certain foods matched for a bulking diet.

In order to pump up quickly, you need to adjust your diet for the following percentage separation of nutrients:

  • Fats - 25%
  • Proteins -30%
  • Carbohydrates - 45%.


They can be of two types: FAST (simple) and SLOW (complex). While gaining the muscle mass, it is essential to give preference to the complex carbs, because the fast ones contribute to the excessive fat accumulation and appearance of cellulite. That is what female bodybuilders try to avoid by any means. You can complex carbs in cereals, noodles of solid wheat varieties, cereals, vegetables and fruits, beans, nuts, etc.  


These are a building material for the muscles. Bulking diet is usually based on the proteins. High protein content can be obtained from eggs, dairy products, fish and seafood, meat, nuts, beans etc.


Fats are also an important element, but here it is necessary to define the necessary type. They are of 2 kinds - saturated and unsaturated.

BAD FAT (saturated) is a product of animal origin. It is usually contained in animal foods, such as milk, cheese, and meat, in tropical oils (coconut, palm, and cocoa butter), in foods made with margarine, butter or shortening (cakes, cookies, and other desserts).

GOOD FAT (unsaturated) is found in oils from plant origin and fish (vegetable oils, nuts, fatty fish are a source of omega - 6 and -3, fish oil, etc.).

Try to eat more unsaturated fat instead of saturated one.  

Meal distribution and bulking foods

Distribution of food intake in the bulking diet for female bodybuilders is very similar to that for men. The main thing is to divide the total amount of food consumed in one day by 5-7 parts.

Next, you will find an example of a diet for a woman that has 75 kg weight.

Meal Time Foods
  • Water

As soon as you get up, you need to fill up the water supply (only non-carbonated water). That is the best way to start the work of the gastrointestinal tract. You cannot immediately start having your breakfast, because the stomach needs the time to wake up, too.
Breakfast 9.30
  • oatmeal - 100gr
  • milk - 1 glass
  • banana – 1 item
Snack 11.30
  • rice - 50gr
  • meat – 50gr
  • vegetables
Lunch 14.00
  • buckwheat – 100gr
  • turkey meat – 50gr
  • vegetables
Snack 16.00
  • rice - 50gr
  • boiled eggs – 3 items
  • vegetables
TRAINING TIME – 17:00 – 17:45
Dinner 19.00
  • rice - 50gr
  • chicken meat – 150gr
  • boiled eggs – 2 items
  • vegetables
Snack 21.00
  • cottage cheese – 200gr
BEDTIME 23.05 – 9.00

We do not need to talk about the demand for water. Everyone already knows about its necessity. 2 liters of water a day should become your norm. 

Tips for the bulking diet

  1. Do not overeat. Excess calories are fine for bulking, but within reasonable limits Try to follow the calculated rate based on your parameters.
  2. If you have more than 25% fat, lose it to 20% before starting muscle gaining. This allows you to maintain sensitivity to insulin and hormonal balance in general and prevent prolonged and exhausting cutting period.
  3. Once the fat deposits reach 25-27%, stop the muscle mass gaining and start the fat burning process. Do everything possible to ct all excess fat as quickly as possible without harm to your health and muscles and return again to the bulking if needed.
  4. Alternate bulking and cutting cycles until you are satisfied with your body. Then you can focus on preserving lean muscle tissue, increasing your strengths and stamina levels and becoming toned.
  5. Female bodybuilders should not forget about menstruation. After two weeks the cycle ended, the female body feels a surge of strength and energy. You can increase the intensity of workouts during this period. After a further 2 weeks, the load should be reduced, as the body's activity and endurance go down.
  6. You can include sports nutrition in your bulking diet and take it after 15-20 minutes you training ends. Try to eat for 1-1,5 hours before and after your workout.
  7. In the morning and in the afternoon your meal can include complex carbohydrates with protein, fiber and a small amount of unsaturated fat (avocados, vegetable oil), whereas in the evening (after 18:00) it is necessary to confine yourself to products containing only protein and fiber.

Anabolic steroids for women on

Despite all the rules of the bulking diet completed, as well as constant intensive trainings are done, many female bodybuilders are gaining the muscles for quite a long time. And it's not a problem in doing something wrong or not hard enough. As we said earlier, men are much easier in this area.

Nevertheless, many male bodybuilders choose steroids in order to speed up this process. This is not an obligatory step but the very efficient one. You can achieve excellent results without additives. Drugs only shorten the time required. Therefore, we advise you to weigh the pros and cons carefully before start using any preparations.

In case you decide to make steroids your helpers, always remember the quality of the drugs. The female organism is too delicate and sensitive, so try to ensure its health. provides only high-quality pharma grade steroids by manufacturer Achem Pharmaceuticals. You can buy female pharma-grade steroids (Boldenachem (Boldenone), Testachem P (Testosterone Propionate), etc.) and be confident in product sort. Our main goal is to help you become better and we will always be happy to see you on the pages of our store!

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