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8 Tips to Obtain Muscle Hypertrophy

  • 8 Tips to Obtain Muscle Hypertrophy

The beginning of the 20th century was the time of the birth of bodybuilding. Athletes all around the world have been accumulating essential experience in different domains of bodybuilding since then starting from the muscle hypertrophy to the cutting process.

However, there even some spaces in the knowledge, as there is still no panacea to become a professional sportsman an easy way.

Nevertheless, there are some useful tips that are going to help spot newbies who are particularly interested in the muscle growth.


How do muscles grow?

This topic usually puzzles people who have nothing to do with sports. But really, how does this work? Despite all the existing theories about muscle hypertrophy, there is one main one basic principle that underlies the regime of many bodybuilders - muscles start the ramp-up process when your organism is in unaccustomed conditions. In our case, the cause of the stress emergence (in the good sense of this word) are the gym workouts. That is, you visit the gym, start loading the muscles with the workouts. And that is actually a stress for your body. 

That is why it begins to think about ways of adapting to an unfamiliar environment. Muscle hypertrophy is the way out for your organism.

Increase the lifting weight

You can hardly increase the weight on each workout, but every 2-3 weeks you should try to do it. That is why you should progress little by little. For instance, if you do a bench press, then an increase of 2-3 kg will be sufficient.

Change the reps quantity

Since the increase in lifting weights is a lengthy process, you can use the method of enhancing the number of repetitions. You have mastered some weight in the bench press. You can execute 12 reps quite comfortably. Now you need to increase the weight by 2-3 kg. After proceeding, you cannot perform 12 repetitions, your maximum is only 8 reps. You should not increase the weight during some following training. However, in order to shock the muscles, you should try to perform 9 or 10 reps with chosen weight.

Add some exercises or sets

As your muscles improve they become more accustomed to the loads. Therefore, you may lack the number of sets or exercises needed to obtain the muscle hypertrophy. If you do not want to add an extra approach, then insert a supplementary exercise into your training program.

Extend the runtime of the set

This is one of the ways to progress the intensity of training. Implement this technique by extending the negative and positive phases of the movement during the exercise. In other words, perform the exercise slowly and try to feel the contraction of the target muscle. You should experience both phases for at least 2 seconds.

Activate both strength and endurance during the training

Professional athletes aware that the muscle hypertrophy depends on the development of both fast and slow muscle fibers. In order to improve the fibers of the 1st type, a multi-repeat mode is required.

The pumping mode is the most popular amongst bodybuilders. The thing is that you have to use small weights and numerous reps to maximize the muscle fibers. That should lead to the gradual muscle hypertrophy.

Use the periodization mode

There is a moment when you face the "plateau" effect. Do not be afraid to reduce the working weights by 20% in order to break it down. After that, increase your weight by 5% every week and after 4 weeks you will go back to your previous lifting weight. And a week later you can overcome it, too! You can find some more details about training programs for men and women on

Build your own meal plan

Do not forget about the nutrition program. It is more than a half of your success in the bodybuilding field. All the foods consumed or rather the nutrients that are contained in the food you consume directly affect the muscle hypertrophy in your body. Read some tips that will help you build your perfect bulking diet here: for men and women.

Anabolic steroids for the muscle hypertrophy

Anabolic steroids could definitely increase your physique. However, you have to weight all the pros and contras before acquiring them.

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Results of the bulking cycle

In conclusion, I would that everything must be done wisely. Only in this way you can achieve good results and at the same time without harm to your health. We've just provided you with the general recommendations. All your results depend on your ability to perceive information and apply it correctly. AchemGear team wishes you good luck in all your endeavors!

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